He came to Nazareth in 1876 as a youth missionary. He has started an orphanage for children. Rev. Margoschis rendered to not only god’s ministry but also medical services and social services. His period of ministry is called the golden era of Nazareth church. He extended the back portion of the church. He started the scheme “Future provides funds”. He completed twenty five years of service in 1901 and the silver jubilee was celebrated in 1903 according to the wishes of the congregation. In 1903 the government honored him with a medal “Saviour Hindu” for his services. The Bishop of Madras made him one of the honor canons of Madras Diocese praising his devotion and knowledge. People call him “the father of Nazareth for his services to the welfare of Nazareth congregation. According to the census taken in 1901 the members were 1482 in member.

He believed that this world exceed 2000 soon. So he decided a new gig church. But that plan could not be fulfilled during his time and it was executed after 20 years. His tomb is in the church premises.

John Ludwick Irian of Holland came to Nazareth in August 1836 and he first evangelist to do his ministry at Nazareth. He built a big house for the missionaries to stay at Nazareth. he had immense love towards God. He gave a good biblical knowledge to the church workers. He along with Dr. Raddler learnt Tamil in a good manner and translated the Bible into Tamil.

Camerrar of Germany established many churches and converted many people for Christ. He protected the Christians form the doubles of “Viboothi Sangam”. It shows the strong will of Rev. Camerrar and the courage of the people of Nazareth. The arrival of Robert Caldwell at Nazareth Missionary Robert Caldwell working at the missionary centre of Idaiyangudi, can to Nazareth in November 1941. he was asked to give the sermon in the services by Rev. Carmerrar, and he gave the sermon on the verse “the night is far spent, the day is at hank” (Rom.13:12). When we go through the later history of the Tirunelveli diocese, we know that Bishop Caldwell had given a good prophecy at Nazareth. Rev. Camerrer had written theological books and he was very interested in gospel work. There is a street named after him in Nazareth. He entered into glory with peace in 1890 when he was 87.

Rev. Henry Pope worked, in Nazareth for one year only. He was involved in peace making efforts between the Seventh day churches. There was no historically important incidents took place during his time.

Rev. Thomas Brotherton of England came to Nazareth in 1860 with his family. His main service was to preach the gospel. Nazareth people used to call him “Valartha Anhan” because of his good character. The difference or gap between the Seventh day groups was equalized because of the gospel work done by him. He entered into glory in 1869. His tomb is in the church premises. A Street has been named after him in mummery of him.

In 1870 Dr. John Miller Strachan of England came to India to do gospel work. He was the3 founder of SPG Medical Mission in Tirunelveli. In 1870 he opened the first dispensary in Nazareth. In 1870 he was extended the church and regulated the structure of the streets in Nazareth. For this cause he met so many leaders. He had to face many obstacles though he had strong will and Rev. Margoschis worked for many years in Nazareth the other missionaries. He worked for 32 years in Nazareth. The Brahmins and leaders the nearly villages were converted to Christianity. “Worshiping the Lord is the beauty of his holiness” – This was his motto. So he considered the church services very piously.

Carlin Wilfred Weston was born in Secundrabad in 1974. He had the nature of a child. He was praised as the man with a holy heart. He led a disciplined and planned life. He came to Nazareth in 1906 and assisted Rev. Margoschis in his ministry. He married persons at St. John’s church, Nazareth in 1910. They did a good ministry in Nazareth. The evangelists preached the gospel to the people and disciplined them. The priests worked for the development of the churches. “Like the second generation enjoying the fruits of the tees planted and grown up by their ancestors. We are enjoining the benefits of the missionary services stated by the missionaries and evangelists of the past and we should not forget the missionaries and the histories of their services” were the words of the bishop Rev.R. Gnanakkan.

Rev. Roshan laid the foundation the for Nazareth church in 31-12-1829 the New Year service was conducted on the same day. Rev. Adaikalam dedicated the church in 20-11-1830 consists on the year 1832 the Nazareth congestion 170 gents, 172 ladies and 351 children on the whole there were 595 Christians. People of Nazareth congregation decided to build a big church in his time. The old church was demolished. Bishop waller laid the foundation for the new church in 1920. A thatched roof church was erected in the front of the church campus for the conduct of services, till the completion of the new church. A list of the names of the church leaders and volunteer’s was kept in a bottle and seated, during the foundation of the new church.The bottle was laid in the northeast corers of the base upon which the building was erected. There is a steed name after him in Nazareth.

Rev.Koilpillai was serving at Nazareth form 1922. He was the first Indian Presbyter in the history of SPG Mission. He took the chairmanship of Nazareth Pastorate during the chairmanship it was up graded to the council level. The old church was destructed and they started to build the new church. SPCK and SPG missions contributed towards the construction of the church. The people who lived in and our Nazareth also donated and worked generously for the construction. Two storeys were built in the church. The construction works were completed successfully by god’s grace. The new church was dedicated on 12 March 1928 onwards fifty tow presbyters have served in Nazareth church. Since Nazareth is big congregations there are tow pesters and the work load in lesson. There were fourteen presbyters and thirty eight deacons worked in Nazareth church. They did their services very well. The presbyter of the church is just like the high pries mentioned in the bible. He administrates all the activities of the church. He is also the chairman of the pastorate. He is the correspondent of the T.D.T.A. Primary Schools.

Rev. T.Koilpillai of Sawyerpuram had his primary education at the primary school, Sawyerpuram and his secondary education at C.M.S. High School, Tirunelveli, he finished his higher education at Bishop Heber College, Tiruchy. Rev. T.Koilpillai went to Nattal and he worked there form 1909 to 1918. He was close friend to Gandhiji who was dong social service there. He told Gandhiji the preachings of Christianity. Thus wrote C.Monickam in his writings. Rev. T.Koilpillai was transfer to Idaiangudi in 1932. He was honored with the title of Canon by Bishop Neil.

Rev. S.S.Moses had served in Nazareth form May 1932 to 4th April 1936. During his time the services were conducted regularly except English services. He took steps to conduct meetings at home after the church services. He distributed cover for offering Sangam to every home. The people offered the Sangam generously. He worked as clerical secretary of the Dioceses in 1934. Then he was awarded the title Canon by the Bishop.

In 1936 Rev. John Samuel took in charge as the council chairman in Nazareth. During his time the church services were conducted following the Angliean order. J.Theopilus wrote to his friends that During Rev. John Samuel time the church services followed the Anglieah order. He wrote to the friends in the foreign countries and go the garments and table spreads for the Holy communion Service. During his time, Suya Veruppu hundis were distributed to every home. Those hundis were offered in the Good Friday three hour services. The church tower also completed during his time.